I live in the Greater Seattle Area in the state of Washington in the United States.

I’m 45, and have taken courses in electrical theory and communications technology.

Growing up, I had almost always been interested in earthquakes, astronomy, and meteorology.  Along with that, a “guilty pleasure” of mine was the private study of ancient religeons and anything that I could get my hands on about UFOs.

Ironically, around April or May of 2010, I found my way to the Dutchsinse channel because the owner had been posting videos with glimpses of seismic charts of the volcanos in the Pacifice Northwest.

From there, I found the Sheilaaliens channel which has been updating reports of large groups of people being affected and often evacuated because of unidentifed illness-inducing odors for which causes had not been discovered.

Later, still, I found a mutual subscriber of Dutchsinse and Sheilaaliens, Mr2tuff2, who had posted documentary videos of scientists who were interested in large-scale electrical plasma anomallies in man’s history that could have been recorded as references to dieties in various cultural beliefs.

Since I have been watching video’s from these people’s channels, I have learned a great deal about sites for informaion about current solar activity, large-scale weather satelite images, and current science discoveries and theories.

Since there is so much hyp as to whether or not anything about the Mayan Profesies are going to hold true this year, I’ve continured to watch updates to these channels and do my own research.

My largest interest is in the current activity of the sun, which I check on the spaceweather.com page.

Other interests are art/junk journals and cooking.


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