The Science of “Thunderbolts Of The Gods”

So, through Dutchsince, I found Mr2tuff2 (formerly Mr2tuff), and his channel was featuring the “Thunderbolts Of The Gods” segment, which I thought was going to be all and nothing but mythology, but which turned out to be cutting edge scientific theory!

Honestly, it may have been a ‘Pandora’s box’ kind of mistake, because ever since I watched the “Thunderbolts Of The Gods” video segment, I’ve nearly driven myself insane trying to figure out if there is anyway to use it to crack the Mayan Prophesies in any way, as well as the secrets of the universe… 

Yeah.  I know. Insane. What can I say?  It breaks the rut I’ve been in.

The top scientific minds of the world have nothing to worry about.


No promises for after I take my Sunday afternoon nap and do a few levels of Angry Birds. 

By allroadslead2coffee

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